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Comment or complain about East Sussex County Council

Make a comment or complaint about the Council

Would you like to say something about East Sussex County Council and the service you have received from us? You might want to let us know about a social worker or youth worker who’s really helped you. Maybe you’d like to share an idea on how to make something better. Or perhaps you want to make a complaint about something that didn’t work for you.

Support to make your complaint

You can either make a complaint or comment yourself or ask someone to do it for you. This could be an adult you trust, like a teacher or a social worker. You can also talk to the National Youth Advocacy Service (phone: 0300 330 3131).

To find out how to get in touch, watch our Young Voices video, or read the information below.

Making your complaint

Stage one – contact us

Firstly, contact the person you have been dealing with or ask to speak to their manager or the Children's Services Complaints Team. An adult can always do this for you if you prefer.

You can make your complaint by letter, email, phone or text. When we receive your complaint we will aim to provide a full answer within 10 working days.

You can fill out the Young Voices Complaint Form. (Adobe PDF, 528KB)

Stage two – making a formal complaint

If we can’t sort things out and you want to take your complaint further we will arrange for someone to look into your complaint and write a report. This will usually take 25 working days, but sometimes may take longer.

You need to contact the Children Services Complaints Manager:

Phone: 01273 482304
Freephone: 0800 3891132
Textphone: 07797 878888

Stage three – review panel

If we still can’t sort things out and you want to take things further we will arrange a Complaints Review Panel. They will not investigate your complaint again but they will hear what you are still unhappy about.

You need to contact the Children Services Complaints Manager as above.

Making a complaint about a school

If you want to make a complaint about something or someone at your school, the best thing is to talk to a teacher you trust. If you’re not happy with the result you can then make a complaint directly to the school.

Find out more on ESCC – Complain about a school.

Did you know?

If you want to compliment, comment or complain about the Connexions 360 website you can contact us.

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