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Sex, relationships and pregnancy

Free 2b me sexual health in East Sussex logo FREE 2 B ME

FREE 2 B ME is the name for young people's sexual health services in East Sussex. Download our great new app!

STIs and chlamydia STIs and chlamydia

Find out about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), chlamydia and how to order a free, self-test chlamydia kit.

Contraception and pregnancy Contraception and pregnancy

Want to know about what kind of contraception is best for you? Or if you think you might be pregnant, find out what to do now and the choices available.

Relationships Relationships

What's normal? What's right for me and am I different? Find out more.

Young parents Young parents

Are you a young parent or about to become one? Find out how to look after yourself during pregnancy, young parent groups near you and education options.

Competitions, quizzes and games Competitions, quizzes and games

Dodge infections, catch the sperm and find out how much you know about sex!

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